New year resolution?

Here I am, sitting down, thinking about the year past and the year coming.

The year past

The year past definitely changed my life. Not because we have year 2 of COVID, but because of family. Addition to the family. A son in the family.

When we first confirmed he’s coming, I’m not sure what to expect. Kids weren’t the top on the family priority list, and if I’m honest, it still wasn’t at the time. We took a “if it happens it happens” approach, and it happened. He came to us in October, and life really has been more different than I could have imagined. I had a “no one was ever ready for a newborn” mindset, and apparently, even with that mindset, there are still so many moments where I don’t think everything would’ve turned out fine. Thankfully, we had help, good help, that guided us through these months. Also thankfully, we were able to afford that help.

I’m not one for much sharing, at least not on personal or family matters, but having a son started shaking that belief. The world we’re in, anything you put out there will come back at you at some point. But there are times where I feel I *need* to get it out, instead of bury it within. There are occasions where I thought would never happen: that I feel vulnerable, that I feel powerless, losing control of myself, or even understanding of what’s around. Never had these moment before, but they came this past year. Thankfully, wife has always been there for the support, and I honestly can’t thank her enough for that.

The year ahead

As we go into 2022, I’m hoping our lives, your lives, all go for the better. Families safe, sound, happy, content. Personal development smooth and successful.

Besides family, I’m really hoping to reboot my side work of playing with code, and hopefully letting it grow into something that maybe even bring in some $.

Relearning the stock market might be on the menu, and maybe, again, pick up an instrument of some sort.

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