My privacy policy

So… you’re curious enough to actually click in here and see what I’m doing with your information…

Welcome. I’ll tell you everything I know about your info, and what I will and will not do with them.

What I do with your data

When you provide your information on this site, either via commenting or contact form, I get an email containing what you wrote. I read it, maybe reply, that’s it. I don’t care about selling your name/email/whatever you said to anyone, and I will not do it. Simple as that.

Now, it would be nice if life is just that simple, right? Here’s the complex part:

The Google Services

I use a bunch of google products to keep track of how the site is doing(Google Analytics), and show some ads(Google AdSense), hoping to earn some beer/diaper money. Unlike me, Google cares a LOT about your info. And they’ll try everything under the sun to get them. So much so, that a whole continent went to court with them and basically forced them to disclose what they are getting and how are they getting it, and give you a choice to say: “Don’t collect my info”.

You can read what Google says they do with your data here:

The Conclusion

What’s above is everything I know, and will, and won’t do with your data. If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form, I’d be happy to answer your questions. (There is a consent checkbox in the contact form)

Things change, and when they do, this page will be updated accordingly.