Proxmox 6, LXC containers, and the user permission maze

Recently I started changing my storage/playground machine from single Rockstor to a more virtualized homelab running proxmox, and with that comes a big learning opportunity for virtualization, LXC, and everything in between and beyond. One particular problem I’m trying to solve is that, I want to run separate containers for Samba, Plex, any intake application(Transmission

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RIP Sanjay

It’s a normal Friday night…until it’s not. Wandering through youtube, I saw a video from Thomas Sanlanderer (Still trying to get my head around the spelling) with a seemingly dark title, “The video nobody should ever have to make”. I clicked in, didn’t know what to expect. Turns out, it’s news about one of the

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The “Plex Dance”, I thought it’s 2019 already?

After experimenting with multiple ways of setting up my home media server/NAS/data-scraper-to-be/another box wasting electricicty, I finally stumbled upon “The Perfect Media Server” from I don’t know how I missed it last many times since it’s been around since 2016, but finally MergerFS + SnapRAID has shined their lights upon me. Also, I finally

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GP Richmond 2018

Played GP Richmod 2018 with the unsealing deck, was not expecting much, ended up matching that expectation – it’s a fun deck for side events but not much more. Played Friday trials (2 std + 1 sealed), failed all 3 in the first match. #feelsbadman. I got to play a MIRROR in one std trial!

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