GP Richmond 2018

Played GP Richmod 2018 with the unsealing deck, was not expecting much, ended up matching that expectation – it’s a fun deck for side events but not much more.

Played Friday trials (2 std + 1 sealed), failed all 3 in the first match. #feelsbadman. I got to play a MIRROR in one std trial! A MIRROR! I wasn’t expecting that at all. He had a better list than mine, so I asked for advice and got some, which turned out to be very helpful. Vivien Reid was a great add, and I tested Prowling Serpopod online a bit and felt good, also I added back goreclaw.

Friday night standard went pretty good, didn’t see a single RB deck for some reason, and I figured I’ll just have fun Saturday and see where it leads me.

Main event G1: 1-2 UG stompy. Game 1 went fine, board stalled with him having a Hydra and 7 energy, but I have BOTH Ghalta and Carnage Tyrant to wipe board twice and got rid of that. G2 and G3 I saw a total of 5 lands, and I was too excited to remember boarding in Vivien Reid, and got punished by a Steel Leaf with a flying Cartouche. Oh well. #LiveandLearn

R2: 2-0 Grixis Dragons. It’s one of the more fun matches I played. I managed to stick an unsealing, and it becomes a slugfest of his Glorybringer shoot my stuff, my unsealing trigger shoots his Glorybringer, and we went back and forth a lot, I finally edged out and got there.

R3: 0-2 Keld. It’s just too fast. No lands doesn’t help either. One interesting note: on the turn where Keld went off, he tried to play 2 wizards of lightning to lethal without a wizard and 4 lands. I said, “you don’t have a wizard”, he went, “hmm you’re right…oh here’s a soul-scar mage”, #goddammit.

R4: 1-1-1 Fog. warning: rant incoming.

I was somewhat ok with fog before this, it’s stopping beatdown, it’s slow, it runs on multiple turns, yadi yada yada. But this GP changed my entire view about this deck. IT IS TOXIC. I was so annoyed by it that I made it a mission to make the fog player go through the entire thing. I don’t care if it takes 40 minutes for a game, I’m not conceding until 2 Ult’d Teferis and my empty board(barring Tyrant/Vine Mare) or you lethal me with Nissa’s lands. It doesn’t sound healthy(because it isn’t), and pretty sure it’s not in my best interest, but that’s what a fog deck can do to you, and it’s toxic.


Ok, so it took 35 minutes for game 1, 5 minutes for game 2(he never had anything), game 3 goes to turns and I have some sort of board, but need 2 turns to get there, and he has all the fogs and settles and Nexuses in his hand, so…We both know that we aren’t conceding as 1-2, and by drawing we kick ourselves out, but no, I’m not conceding to a fog deck. I don’t care what happens, I got nothing to lose as I don’t even think about making day 2. 

R5: won against Grixis control. Not a whole lot happened, I curve on G1, he curve on G2 (oh, gearhulk into contempt can go shove it), and G3 is more or less “I drew better than you” fair.

R6: 0-2 Keld. Damn that deck is fast. 

R7: 2-1 Fog. Lots of settles and unsealing triggers and fogs and more unsealing triggers later, we arrive at late game 3 with me having some sort of board and time winding down. He’s on 9 life, I have 9 mana, and my only card in hand is…banefire. “Please magic god let me get a land”…and a wild Chinese Aether Hub shows up. “Banefire for 9”. His reaction was priceless: sat there for 5 seconds, cycle, draw, and…slience. 15 seconds of silence. Hands reached out. I guess there is karma in this thing.

R8: 0-2 Fog. Yes. Another fog deck. Just not much to talk about. So not much that I didn’t even keep notes. Guess it’s just like my deck, fog deck belongs in the loser pile of late rounds…

So there goes my first constructed GP main event. 3-4-1, had some fun(could have more if I don’t have to play THREE fog decks), learned a lot, and had a good time.

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